Tuesday, November 6, 2007

WHAT was in the soup?????

Ken's family has been amazing! They welcomed us to Huang Po with open arms, let us stay in their apartments, treated us to fantastic meals... more than we could have ever hoped or wanted!

Back to the meals... Our first evening, we were whisked from the bus stop and taken directly to dinner. The soup was great... until we saw what was in it!!!

Yes, that is a snake & a scorpion! I don't know if its better or worse to find out AFTER we ate it!

Ken's aunt and her husband live in Huang Po with 3 of their sons and their families. Huang Po is a smaller city, sort of a suburb of Guang Zhou. Historically, It was know for its Military Academy, which Sun Yatsen and Mao Zedong both attended.

(Ken & his family at the Military Academy Museum, we couldn't resist turning this into a jumping shot...)

Currently, Huang Po's claim to fame is the port, where Ken's uncle was manager until his retirement. Ken's cousins now own a cargo transportation business, thus the family's connection with the port continues. This port is a massive operation; cargo trucks line up for miles to receive their loads fresh from the tankers - all to build and supply the new China.

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