Thursday, November 8, 2007

Portraits of Taishan

Up until now its been big city after bity city... and then here is Taishan! A small town surrounded by villages and farms. Very rural. Outside of town are fields upon fields of rice, dirt lanes, lakes, streams and forest.

This journey to Taishan is a very special one for us. We are here to go back to the beginning; to see where Ken's father was born and spent his childhood. Ken's father and aunt will meet up with their brother (Yi Bak from Hong Kong) and do a Baisan - a ceremony honoring their mother at her gravesite. But so far our journey here has not been solemn. It is about family reuniting, spending time together, and making new friends.

Ken's uncle, father & aunt

Ken's uncle, Yi Bak

We are lucky enough to stay with another branch of Ken's family. Yi Bak's wife's brothers and sisters (follow that one??) still live near Taishan & the village. They built a three story house on the foundation of the house that they grew up in. Again, we were welcomed with open arms by the warmest, funniest, most generous people.

Sisters, our new friends and hosts in Taishan.

Here are a few other portraits from Taishan:

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