Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello, Goodbye...

I am officially leaving the grid momentarily to teleport to the other side of this Earth.....

Let's hope for a smooth ride!!!!

Beijing is my 6th Home...

Despite having about 10 favorite places to spend time, Beijing ranks probably 6th on my list....

Don't get me wrong, since I've spent much more time at my other favorite places, I have a stronger connection with the locals and have sentimental reasons for my ranks. I'm sure if I spent a lot more time in Beijing, I would be able to have unforgettable adventures as well as make lifelong friends. Then, Beijing would climb my dorky list. There's nothing like trying to make the world a closer place and promoting dialogue through art! (insert laugh here)

She's my producer, not my wife!

This should have been my latest myspace picture!

Please note the Carbon Fiber Tripod on its highest stage setup!

Better Late than Never...

Hi People,

This is actually a blog entry that I wrote before leaving for the Silkroad Shoot:

It’s hard to describe the feelings of anxiety as the date of our departure gets closer. Tickets were purchased today, so we have passed the point of no return. I’m amazed by the uncontrollable force that is guiding “My Life in China” forward. Ever since we launched the film project on July 15, 2007, we have been applying for every film production grant that we are eligible for. The exciting thing about this process has been receiving news on the status of some of our grant applications! So far, we've heard from 3 of the organisations and they all seem to have a strong interest....I guess we'll wait and see!

While we were in Hong Kong, Melanie and I were able to visit my Second Uncle, Second Aunt, and my Cousin Kin Fay. With our tight schedule, we could only hang out for about 3 hrs....

My Hong Kong Uncle can't seem to pull those headphones out of his ears....He's basically monitoring his bets from the local horse track. My Aunt certainly doesn't seem to mind! My Cousin, Kin Fay claims he used to model when he was a Hong Kong teenager...I'll get to the bottom of that!

It's Been A While....

As we were getting ready for our research trip to China, our friends at The Silkroad Project called us and asked if we'd be interested in making a short documentary about their concert tour. (The Silkroad Project is an amazing ensemble of world class musicians led by Mr. Yo-yo Ma.)

I thought about it for a short moment and decided to go for it!!! With our research trip just weeks away, there was a small window of time to fit the "China Tour" into our schedule. I figured it would be a great chance to gain some valuable experience in China, as well as a way to get rid of any anxieties and fears we may have had about making a documentary film about controversial topics inside modern-day China. Well, we're back safe with a renewed sense of purpose... China is a wonderful place with its own way of doing things. Having finished a film shot in Japan, I was well aware of the cultural differences and the approach I should have when interacting with the locals.

Shooting B-roll from Hong Kong Island...We're looking at all sorts of ways to fund our film!

People just look way cooler standing next to HD cameras!!!

Hong Kong at night was pretty much a meat market!

Pretty Colors!!!

Soooo romantic!!!!